Gardendale Elementary

Mission Statement  

The mission of Gardendale Elementary School is to

provide a safe and nurturing environment where all children can learn and be successful.


  About The School  

We believe...

· Student learning is the chief priority and the primary focus of all decisions for the school.

· Our school community is committed to continuous improvement to enable our students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.

· Parents, teachers, administrators, and the entire community share responsibility for the school’s mission.

· All students learn in different ways and need a variety of instructional approaches.

· Students achieve success through involvement in meaningful, challenging and engaging learning activities.

· Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, cultural, emotional and intellectual needs.

· A student’s self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect between students and staff.

· A safe, secure environment is necessary for learning.