Important announcements

For current students: This year's school registration will be completed mostly online using the SnapCode for your child.  CLICK HERE FOR THE ONLINE REGISTRATION PORTAL

Proof of residence will still be provided at the school.

We will host Registration June 19 and July 19 at GES.  Please select one day to provide residence verification for your child(ren).

For residence verification:
1. Complete current lease or current month mortgage (must include custodial parent name as occupant) 
2. Two current utility bills, i.e. water, electric, gas (disconnect notices will not be accepted).
3. Copy of the custodial parent’s driver’s license or valid picture ID

We will also have computers available if you need to complete the online portion of the registration for your student.  

For new students: Please contact our school office.

                                                                 MEET THE TEACHER:

  • Monday, August 6 Meet the Teacher (grades K-2-4 -- 4:30PM-6:00PM)
  • Tuesday, August 7 Meet the Teacher (grades 1-3-5 -- 4:30PM-6:00PM)

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