Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips
Posted on 10/07/2013


Read the questions (not the answers though) first. Then look for answers as you read the passage.

Read the questions carefully. Look for negative words that can change the meaning (not, the opposite of, antonym, synonym, except).

Try out synonyms in the original sentence.

Read ALL of the answers carefully before bubbling.

Reread parts of the passage you underlined to look for answers.

Make sure you answer the question asked. Don’t choose an answer just because it is a fact from the text.

Use context clues to define words by reading the sentence that contains the word as well as the sentences before and after that sentence.

Practice scanning.
Look for “order words” to help put events in sequence (first, next, before, then,

after, finally).

Look for the main idea/best title at the beginning and end of the passage.

Use clues to decide how the author feels.

You may skip difficult questions, but finish each section before moving on to the next section.

Erase stray marks and wrong answers completely.